Roundheads vs Cavaliers IN SPACE

I think we can safely say what my Doctor Who episode would be like, should I ever be called upon to write one.

Yeah, I don’t know why I drew this either.


Good is a relative term

I always come out of the hairdressers thinking ‘THIS! This is what my hair is going to look like!’ And then I wash the bastard thing. It’s like a really crap memento mori.

A romantic interlude

Write about love, it can be in any tense but it must make sense.

A representation of a very disturbing image conjured up in a conversation with my friend Sarah. Our minds apparently go to some dark places.


YOU get a real job. One I recognise from ‘Happy Families’.

Alright, I lay myself open to some charges by spending my time drawing cartoons. But this is annoying.

These aren’t representations of my actual friends, by the way. My actual friends don’t look half so respectable. Also, they rarely lay this sort of shit on me.