This project coulda gone places

In which the ghosts of Hamlet and Old Hamlet team up to fight crime at the court of the new King Fortinbras.

From the depths of my sketchbook, and my psyche.

Bite-sized comics for a busy world

The thing is, you’re a busy person. Sometimes time is too tight to properly appreciate a novel, or a fine oil painting, or indeed a comic with more than one ‘joke’ in it. Sometimes all you want is a tiny scrawl of Ben Jonson.

We at Avoiding The Bears understand this. We aim to cater to your every comics need. That’s why we have produced these pictures, especially for you.





I blame all that fat I’ve been eating


I blame all those books I pretend to read


Why would people make me do training when I am hungover, what do they hate me or something


That they are

Train in vain

I have spent a lot of time on trains recently. This is some of the rubbish I have come out with.

On my way to Devon I got the most busy train in the world and ended up lying down in the luggage space between two rows of seats in first class, surrounded by braying idiots. Which I suppose is a fairly neat (if not, er, trite) illustration of The Class Divide.

And then I went to Beeston (the below picture offended my friend Jemima, she thought it was about her)

I do draw some weird shit

Here endeth my boring travel stories