Twitter? I hardly knew ‘er

Because, again, this is the main reason I am up so late. Autofresh on the Guardian liveblog? Why yes please, thank you kindly. Bit dazed by horribleness and commentary. Would just like to opine, though (because everyone’s an op-ed writer these days), that we shouldn’t bring the army in for the very good reason that this is not the end of Jurassic Park 3.


2 thoughts on “Twitter? I hardly knew ‘er

  1. Just been looking through your blog – really great! But finally felt compelled to comment on this one, partly because I ended up doing the same thing as this during the riots staying up all night watching the endless repeating footage online and becoming overwhelmed and thinking that the world would never be the same again (it got better!), but mostly because of the reference to Jurassic Park 3, and the fact that I watched it on TV yesterday afternoon…

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