Childhood Comics #1: The Horror of Hastings

It’s been an unconscionably long time since my last update, and due to diverse business* I still have yet to ink up my next cartoon. Meanwhile, then, in honour of two things:

  1. I went to the countryside near Hastings last weekend
  2. It’s just after the 945th anniversary of the Battle

…here is a thing I made when I was 11. I found it at my mum’s house, along with a range of other ‘masterpieces’. I think this is what happens if you feed a child a steady diet of Horrible Histories books and Goon Show LPs. Lord know what I would have been like if the HH programme had been around when I was a young’un.**

As usual, unpleasantly overexposed colours. Really need to fix this. I promise I was better at colouring in as a child than this looks.

*I’m bringing ‘diverse’ back in this sense. Modernised spelling rather than ‘divers’, I don’t want everyone to think I’ve been doing business with frogmen.

**Possibly horribly successful. More likely hunched in a corner of the Rare Books Room, wearing a fake nose and a Georgian wig, chuckling to myself. So, slightly different to how I am now.


One thought on “Childhood Comics #1: The Horror of Hastings

  1. I have long been an admirer of your early works Rolfe. Glad to see this one up 🙂 I particularly enjoyed the racist interviews.

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