Undergrads! Know Your Shakespeare Criticism!


So… I scrawled this after a huge pile of marking, I feel it accurately reflects how I feel about criticism in general, to be honest, not just when it’s used by undergrads. Although I should add that there was loads of critic-related cleverness from my students, even about Eliot (I know!). Students are ace.

I would also like to expand my prohibition of Bloom to include all people called Harold. By which I mean, Harold Jenkins.

Then I posted it on Twitter and lots of nice people retweeted and commented! Which was top. And unexpected. And today I even made it into my own mild authorship controversy, when it got posted unattributed on someone else’s blog. [Edit: it appears to have entered tumblr, sans attribution, at some point, and reached said blog through there, so it wasn’t said bloggers’ fault. Apologies happened, no harm done whatsoever!] But then the lovely @RuthAhnert and @wynkenhimself let everyone know – thank you! And here it is on my blog, Googleable and everything, as advised by @wynkenhimself.

And here are some other marking-related scrawls, because why not.






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