Infer-nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…

My friend Linda is reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and she told me the story so far. So I drew it.

There may be some SPOILERS below, I don’t know.

I’ve got no beef with Brown, incidentally. I’ve actually read two of his books, and seen one of the films. I know, shock horror, turn in your History Card Kirsty, etc. They weren’t the greatest cultural experiences I’ve ever had, but as far as cultural phenomena go I’d take them over Twilight. (I have a basic rule that I have to read books before I mock them. I have broken this recently, though, because I am not reading flipping Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of Bore Off if I Want Some Hilarious Erotica I’ll Read Thomas Nashe, thanks very much).

Anyway, if you’ve ever thought for some reason that The Divine Comedy needed more lasers, you might like this book, I think.

Damn socialist European healthcare systemAlso somewhat foolish: his demand that people make him a map showing all the churches in Rome, double-quick! In the film he was standing next to a tourist kiosk selling Dorling Kindersley guidebooks, which are exactly the kind of things that might contain maps showing all the churches in Rome. Robert Langdon is not good at symbology, leaps of logic, or personal grooming, but bless his cotton socks anyway.The rest of the novel is just Langdon fighting Phil Daniels in Brighton