I’m currently laid up in bed coughing, while a whole heap o’ work hangs over my head. I’m considering putting a picture of my Halloween costume from the year before last* in the powerpoint for a conference paper, which probably means I’m delirious.

Anyway, for your delectation, here are some recent(ish) Things I have Made and Done.

*I was working from home and taped an EEBO printout to my face.

1. Something about NEWS

I made a painting for my supervisor and took a picture of it. My phone camera being top quality, it’s a little blurred and stuff, but hey ho. Click on it to make it bigger, if you so desire.


How to have fun: 1. draw Ben Jonson

2. Something about LOVE

My lovely friends got married and they like science fiction (this is an understatement) so I made them this. Apologies for the flash – I didn’t think to take the picture until I’d framed it, and for some reason my phone camera does not like to focus without the flash. Yes, I should get a scanner, but that’s become a running joke now, right? Click on this one, too, if you’d like to see some exhaustively-researched Time Lord outfits.

jim and swyrie

Dracula is tiny, this is CANON

3. Something about TASTY FAILURE

Last month I attended the rather excellent Failure in the Archives conference run by the also rather excellent Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (see Liesbeth Corens’s Storify for tweets from the conference!). I’d managed to fail (heh) to sign up in time, but emailed the redoubtable organiser, Brooke Palmieri, to see if I could come along anyway – and the answer was yes, if I baked something (there’s a bit of tradition of home-made baked goods at CELL conferences).

Anyway, I baked some Gingerbread Failures, which had the advantage of being On Theme no matter what shape they turned out to be.

Here they are in situ at tea time, courtesy of Professor Lisa Jardine’s excellent photography skills:

archive failure

And here they all are in my kitchen in Oxford:

archive fail2

archive fail

Have you ever used one of those teeny tiny icing nozzles? …have you strong hands for crushing your enemies?

This might be my favourite:

undefined span

It is EEBO-TCP fanart, that’s what it is

I hope you’re all having a more healthful and productive Thursday than I am having *coughs* *watches another gif of a happy boston terrier*