Twitter? I hardly knew ‘er

Because, again, this is the main reason I am up so late. Autofresh on the Guardian liveblog? Why yes please, thank you kindly. Bit dazed by horribleness and commentary. Would just like to opine, though (because everyone’s an op-ed writer these days), that we shouldn’t bring the army in for the very good reason that this is not the end of Jurassic Park 3.


Brooms brooms brooms

Thanks to Lizzy (of Early Modern Post fame), my London riots cleanup companion, for this idea! Brooms are great for combating rioting horribleness (er, possibly not literally. Violence is wrong…), we decided. Mine was bright pink and awesome. The Riotwombles (I love this term, well done Twitter) are brilliant, damnit that is what London is about.